These are new roles within our school structure to develop pupil voice



This group of school leaders will be responsible for supporting our effort to look after the environment – not just in school but also in the community and the wider area. 

Harriett Lilley

Angel Colton

Maddison Bates

Indy Birks

Lola Rose Seaton

Alexis Oliver




This group of children are reading ambassadors and will help to encourage reading across the school by recommending books and showing the joy that can be got from reading.


Well Being

This group of children will be helping the school to look at well being.  We will focus on children feeling happy and understanding that there is always someone to talk to.    

Macie Mae Evans

Alexis Oliver

Maddsion Bates

Marcie Elliot

Mia Hastings

Myla Brown

Ruby-Tuesday Rodgers

Aria Bowen

Lacie Paige Barlow

Darcy Viggars

Tayla Gorman

Leah Cofax

Kadie Brown



This group of children will ensure that maths is promoted across the school and that we can all see the wonder of maths.

Owen Worthington

Lois Barlow

Lucy Millward

Leah Bennett

Logan Harrison