Welcome to Reception

Reception is such a fun and exciting year. During this year the children will combine a mix of learning and exploring through play with more table-based learning, transitioning into a more structured approach ready for Year 1. It is our job to instil a love of learning in the children – we encourage curiosity and problem solving and resilience to keep trying. These things are so important to set the children off on the right foot for their school journey!

There are seven areas of learning which are all very important and all work together to create the Early Years curriculum:


Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Children learn how to make friends and get on with others, how to share resources and work together. They also learn to identify and talk about their feelings, and how to deal with them appropriately. Happy children make super learners!


Communication and Language

As well as enjoying songs, poems and rhymes, engaging in story time and providing endless opportunities for discussion with adults and peers, helps to enhance the use of new vocabulary and sentence building within our Early Years.


Physical Development

Children work on their fine and gross motor skills – working on large movements using their whole body as well as small, fiddly activities to get their fingers strong and ready to control a pencil.



Children are introduced to lots of quality texts, and learn to retell stories and comprehend what they’ve read. A huge part of Literacy in Reception is learning to read and write – we use Jolly Phonics, where children learn to read and write a new sound each day, and gradually use these sounds to write their own words, captions and sentences.




We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. This enables us to explore and learn new concepts in maths such as counting, number recognition, shapes and patterns. Children are given hands on opportunities to explore maths through our teaching input and maths provision, that is accessible during the school day.


Understanding the World

Children learn about different cultures and ways of life in their nearby area and in different parts of the world. They learn how things change over time and the differences between past and present, and explore the natural environment to learn about the changing seasons and the passage of time.


Expressive arts and design

Being creative is at the heart of Early Years here at Churchfields. We love allowing children to express their imaginations through creativity and art. We offer a range of exploration opportunities through craft, music and role play.