School Meals

The menu fully complies with the latest school food regulations.  Meeting this criteria enables us as an individual school to develop our food culture , in addition to the following practical benefits;

  • All of the dishes on our menu are freshly prepared in our kitchens.
  • All the meat we use is farm assured as a welfare minimum.
  • All of our eggs are free range.
  • Our staff are supported with professional development including training in fresh food preparation.
  • Food on the menu does not contain any hydrogenated fats or undesirable additives.


Whilst nuts aren’t used in any of our recipes or allowed in our kitchens, we aren’t able to guarantee that dishes are 100% nut free.  This is due to the ongoing reformulation of products and ingredients from our suppliers and the potential for cross contamination in their production areas.

About the meals

For school meals we aim to use traditional recipes with reduced levels of fat, sugar and salt. The menus are fully compliant with the latest Government guidelines for school meals and are nutritionally analysed.

Value for money

At just £2.89 per day (£14.45 per week) our lunches provide excellent value for money. We request that school meals are paid for and ordered on a Monday morning.  In a named envelope stating which days your child requires a lunch and the exact money if possible. Your child may qualify for free school meals - for more information about eligibility go to the free school meals page. Please use this link.

Universal Entitlement

Since September 2014, in line with government policy, all our children in Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y2 are able to have a free school dinner.  As the entitlement is about children having at least one hot meal a day we do not provide sandwiches.  Children may choose to have sandwiches which they can bring in from home.