Hair raising static investigation at Science Club 


Reception Nixon investigating and experimenting during British Science Week


Reception Meek investigating and experimenting during British Science Week


3S had a super time investigating during British Science Week


3W thoroughly enjoyed investigating during British Science Week


5S designed and made parachutes in science


Then they tested them out to see which ones fell the slowest and safest


In class they did further science and technology work investigating cogs


During British Science Week, year 6 looked at the website Sublime Science

Click here if you would like to try out the investigations too

This site inspired year 6 to investigate everyday kitchen items such as salt, vegetable oil, cola, cornflour, food colouring, water, washing up liquid, vinegar and baking soda


We celebrated British Science Week. The theme of the week was ‘change’, encouraging children to think about and investigate the changes happening in the world around them.  From the seasons and climate, to materials and energy – change is happening everywhere in our world.  

We launched the week with a fantastic assembly led by Mr Dunn and Mr Hobson from CCSC.  They explained and demonstrated to the children, some everyday changes such as water boiling into steam and then demonstrated more complex changes such as mixing acids and akalis. It was brilliant to see the children fully engrossed in the assembly.  





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