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Silver Award

Our school has been successful in achieving the School Games Sports Mark at silver level for the second year.  We had bronze level for three years.  We are very proud to have achieved this mark as a recognition for all that we do as a school to support our children during team games.


Primary PE

Here at Churchfields, we are developing a challenging and inclusive PE curriculum.  The aim of PE is to enable every child to develop holistically within lessons with every pupil developing knowledge of different sports, playing fairly with others and most importantly enjoying themselves within a structured and safe environment.

In the Foundation Stage, every pupil will be developing their fundamental motor skills.  These are the foundations of any sport specific skill and are the things we can naturally do.  Therefore, pupils will be doing running, jumping and throwing, along with activities that will challenge their balance, agility and co-ordination.

During KS1, pupils will be using their fundamental motor skills and begin to link them to sporting actions.  Pupils will be introduced to structured gymnastics and learn to hold their body weight, manipulate their bodies to be creative and learn to do this in a safe and sensible manner.  Pupils will begin to experience team games, develop tactics and sport specific skills, which they will use in adapted games aimed at preparing them for KS2.

Throughout KS2, pupils implement tactics and experience more competitive situations. They will recall the sports skills learned in KS1 and use them in a wide range of games and individual sports.  They will be challenged to adapt their skill set in order to meet the demands asked of them and learn to solve problems, work as a team to achieve a set objective.


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