The school has a Nursery and twelve classes from Reception to Year 6

Nursery - Mrs Clowes, Mrs Reeves, Mrs Richardson, Miss McClaren and Miss Cooke

Reception   Brown - Miss Brown and Mrs Bailey 

Reception Nixon - Mrs Nixon and Miss Dawson

Year 1         1M - Mrs Meek and Mrs Stonier

Year 1         1R -  Miss Roper and Mrs Stonier

Year 2         2C  - Mr Cotton, Mrs Wilcox and Miss Nicklin

Year 2         2M  - Mrs Mawdsley, Mrs Bossons and Miss Goodwin

Year 3         3L -  Miss Lawton, Mrs C Jones and Miss Sale

Year 3         3W - Miss Warner and Mrs Beetson 

Year 4         4P -  Mrs Pattison and Mrs Harley

Year 5         5S -  Mrs Shenton and Mrs K Jones

Year 5         5W - Miss Wilcox and Mrs Hollingworth

Year 6         6S -  Miss Smith and Mr Skupham


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