Dear parents and carers,

There is a clear link between attendance and achievement.  Therefore, as a school, we encourage all children to attend school as often as possible.  We are aware that there will naturally be occasions when children are ill and need to take the recommended time off school (eg for Norovirus).  The Department for Education conducted a survey into the impact of school absence, especially holidays, on a child’s education and achievement. School attendance data shows that children with attendance of at least 96% made better progress and ultimately secure higher SATs results.  Following the review, the DfE have changed the regulations allowing schools to only authorise holidays under exceptional circumstances.  The government want to dispel the belief that there is an automatic entitlement to an annual two-week term-time holiday.

To illustrate the impact of taking holidays in term time, it was noted that if children are taken away for a two-week holiday every year and have the average number of days off for sickness and appointments, then by the time they leave school at sixteen they will have missed a year of school.  

If, despite this change in the law, you wish to request  leave of absence for your child (holiday), you should complete the Leave of Absence form which is available from this website (here) or the school office.  The form must be completed and returned to school BEFORE booking the holiday and the exceptional circumstances behind this decision should be clearly stated.  We will look at each request for leave of absence on an individual basis to decide if it meets the criteria.

All absence, not only holidays, has an impact on a child’s progress.  We want to ensure that children miss as little school as possible.  One of the most damaging forms of absence can be the child who takes several odd days throughout the year. These can mount up really quickly and be very detrimental to a child’s learning.  Please help us to eliminate this form of absence by, for example, making sure whenever possible appointments are made out of school hours, still sending your child to school if they feel a little under the weather, contacting us early if there is an issue that could affect your child’s attendance.

Please remember:  EVERY SCHOOL DAY COUNTS!


Yours sincerely,

Mrs D Beardsmore                                                                          


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