14th August 2017

It seems a long time since I last wrote in my blog.  Last week, my husband and I went to London to see the IAAF World Athletics Championships at London Stadium.  We got to see Usain Bolt run his final 100 metres race and also see Jessica Ennis-Hill being given a gold medal that she had previously earned.  I loved all of the events, but the most thrilling was to be able to see all of the women's heptathalon events where Katarina Johnson-Thompson came 5th.  We were encouraged to "be the next" whilst we were there, so we went on a ten mile walk around the streets of London and saw some familiar sights.



It was lovely to hear about our success during the year 3/4 cross country tournament


26th May 2017

We have had a very busy half term with Year 2 and Year 6 SATs. To the parents that have asked, we do not get the results of these until July.  As soon as we have them, we will inform the children and parents and I am sure you will want to celebrate some fantastic results.

It has been lovely to have had such lovely weather this week but in light of this, can I ask the following:

• can all children bring a water bottle to school (preferably clear) with water in that they will be able to drink during the day

• a sun hat

• you apply sun cream before the children come to school (There are always indoor areas that children can use.)

Thank you for your support with this as we do not want the children to get sun burnt or overheat.

I hope this fantastic weather continues into the holidays and we get to enjoy some lovely weather. Have a fantastic break!


2M raising £122.50 for Wateraid


19th May 2017

I can’t believe that next Friday we break up for a week.  This has been a very short half term, but lots of things have taken place including our year 6 and year 2 SATs.  After the holiday, it will be the turn of year 1 to complete their phonics check.  Listening to them in their phonics session, I know that these will be a breeze.  Year 2 have also started their SATS and I am so proud of them and their positive attitude and the way they are taking them in their stride.  

As you can see, as a school we are doing a lot of fundraising events over the next few months as the children are incredibly generous and are always thinking of others.  The staff have also been inspired and are taking part in the Race for Life on the 6th June 2017.  

We recently had a register check and our whole school attendance has been raised as a cause for concern.  One area that I have been asked to consider is the number of term time holidays that children are taking.  I find this area very difficult, as I never want to make a decision that would lead to a family not having a holiday or facing a fine, but I have been asked to take a harder line.  With this in mind, I will continue to make my own decisions, however can I ask that you help by making an extra effort to ensure that your children are in school as often as possible to keep our attendance as high as we can.


I was so impressed with this creative writing from Write on Friday


12th May 2017

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am with the children in year 6.  They have really risen to the challenge of the SATs and gave their very best.  Four days of testing, over 160 questions and the pressure of performing in test conditions didn’t faze them.   I must thank Mr Skupham, Mrs Beetson and Mrs Jones for helping to get the children so well prepared for the SATs.Can I thank the PTA for arranging the bowling trip and the Alton Towers trip as a reward for all their hard work and effort?  They have asked for a sleep over, which I am thinking about – although I can’t imagine anyone wants to see me at 6 in the morning!

Over the next few weeks, year 2 will be starting their SATs.  We try to keep these low-key, as I don’t want 6 and 7 year olds worrying about these.  Mrs Mawdsley is so very impressed with their attitude that she is currently looking into an exciting day out for them as a reward.

It was lovely to have the sun out this week, especially when I was stepping in for the lollipop lady yesterday, and the children have enjoyed being outside at break and lunch.  Can I ask that if the weather forecast is good, that the children come with hats and apply suncream before coming to school to keep them safe. 

I hope you all have a relaxing, long weekend and I hope year 6 have lots of fun and don’t worry about fronted adverbials and the present progressive tense!



5th May 2017

On Monday next week, Year 6 children will be starting their week of SATs tests and the week beginning the 22nd May, Year 2 will begin their SATs tests. The best preparation for the tests is a relaxing weekend and make sure the children have a good nights sleep during the week.  I am extremely proud of all of our Year 6 and Year 2 children and their attitude and the effort that they have put into preparing for these assessments.  All I ask of the children is that they live up to the school motto of being the best that they can be and I know that all children will do this.  My clear message to all of the children is to strongly believe in yourself because I certainly believe in them and know that they cannot do anymore than they have.  Can I also thank the parents for all your support during this time and helping the children to be calm and realise that their best is all we ask.  Many other classes in school have completed assessments this week and the children, as always, have risen to the challenge and have tried their best.  They all make me so proud. 

As many of you are aware we have been unable to go swimming for the past two weeks owing to an issue with the boiler at the swimming pool.  They are hoping to get the issue fixed this week so hopefully we can return to swimming next week.  I will keep you informed. 


We enjoyed a Live Music concert before the Easter break


28th April 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and the children are fully refreshed.  I must admit though that I could tell on Monday it was a shock for a lot of them to get back into getting up early.  

I have seen some wonderful learning this week with year 6 and year 2 continuing to prepare for SATS, year 1 preparing for phonics, year 4 developing their computer skills at the high school and year 5 completing their Heartstart training.  

During the Easter holiday, our Nursery parents and other parents of nursery age children heard whether they had been successful in their application to join us here at Churchfields.  Once again, we are oversubscribed and it is sad that not all our children from Nursery have secured a place with us.  I genuinely feel like the children at Churchfields are part of my family and I am always sad when they have to move on.  

I hope that you have a lovely long weekend.



Children enjoying reward afternoon


7th April 2017

I can’t believe we are at the Easter holiday already.  Thankfully, it has forecast sunshine so hopefully, we will all be able to get a little bit of sun.  I am going to North Wales with lots of paperwork to catch up on but hopefully will be able to sit outside whilst doing it.  It has been a busy week in school with Easter hat parades, reward afternoon, parents evening and the live music concert.  It was lovely to see so many of the parents in school to share in your child’s learning journey.  

On Thursday afternoon, I went to Albert Bear Nursery to judge their Easter Bonnet parade and was blown away by the competition.  I really struggled to chose a winner.  Today, the Easter hats in school were all fabulous!  I am glad that I didn’t have to chose a winner again.  

Today we also had our termly reward assembly, so congratulations to all the winners.  I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and come back refreshed on Monday 24th April 2017.


Y2 had an educational visit to Westport Lake


31st March 2017

It has been another busy week of learning in school.  Thank you for all your support with the parking.  I have been in touch with the county council and they are sending a parking enforcement officer at some point in the future.  When this happens, the enforcement officers have the powers to issue tickets to anyone parked unlawfully.  I have enquired about placing cones on the double yellow lines on the corner [this was request from many parents], but unfortunately, I am not able to do this as they would be classed as an obstruction.  Can I please remind  parents and carers to be extra vigilant of children crossing the road and to avoid parking too close to corners.  

I do hope you have all made your appointments for parents evening and I look forward to seeing you all there.  As always, it has been challenging to give parents the times that they wanted, but we have tried to be as accommodating as we can.  

Finally, thank you to everyone for the support for Red Nose Day.  We raised £400 on red noses and £453 on other fundraising events.  This is a fantastic amount and a great achievement.  I can’t wait for the next day I can dress up!




24th March 2017

It has been a busy week in school as we welcomed mums, grans and aunties into EYFS and KS1.  The children's singing was beautiful and I was blown away with the high standard of their cups and plates.  I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day.  

We took some time out yesterday to think about the tragic events in London and the message to the children was clear – we defeat hatred with love and not allowing terrorism to stop us living our lives.  My message to the children I spoke to, was not to focus on the acts of terrorism, but the kindness shown by passers by and the health professionals.  These are the real heroes who deserve our thoughts.  

We have ended the week on a happier note with our red nose fund raising.  It was lovely to see so many children entering the spirit of such a fun event.   I will let you know next week what we raised, although we know it will be over £500 with red noses, cake sales and the raffle in school. 

(Since this article was written, we can confirm the total raised is £853)


We celebrated British Science Week throughout school


17th March 2017

As many of you have seen, I have been out and about around the school both before and after school to look at the traffic situation.  Can I say a big  ‘thank you’ to all the parents who have been supportive and have worried about my safety – I have ordered a high-vis vest.  We have ordered some additional cones and we have seen a banner that we can order to re-inforce the message.  Please can ask you to continue to be mindful of the children’s safety when you park up.  Remember – you can always use the CAVE TRAINING car park at any time. 

Next Friday is Red Nose day and we have already raised £400 alone, from the sale of red noses.   Many parents have offered to make cakes for a cake sale (any more donations would be greatly appreciated) and a £1 donation for wearing your own clothes or entering the competition of wearing as much red as you can. Just wait until you see my outfit!  

I was hoping to get the Easter chocolate competition out this week, but unfortunately I haven’t met this deadline so it will be out on Monday.  


(We were visited by The Queen of Hearts!)


10th March 2017

What a busy and intense week it has been for Year 2 and Year 6 as they have been completing their ‘Mock’ SATs tests.  I have been so proud of them all as they have really risen to the challenge and lived up to our school motto.  I am sure that they will be just as successful when their tests take place during May. 

All this week, we have been celebrating reading in school and I have enjoyed talking to all of the children who have told me all about their favourite books.  I am very pleased by the number of entries that we have had so far for the Reading Challenge Competition.  It has been lovely to hear that you have been completing it together as a family.  Remember that these need to be handed in no later than Monday 13th March, please.  Next week, we are celebrating British Science Week so I am sure that we will have lots of exciting investigations going on throughout school.

Can I say finally, how pleased I am that lots of people are being so much more thoughtful when parking by the school.  I feel that the cones are helping (a shame that one was stolen!) but can I remind you not to park between them on the zig-zag lines as this is dangerous and, I believe, unlawful.  We want to keep all our children safe.




3rd March 2017


Welcome back!  Thank you to the parents who asked if I had a lovely week off and enjoyed skiing – luckily I didn’t break anything!  I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the children’s stories about what they have been doing in the holidays.

On Wednesday, we completed a late gate as there is a big push from the education welfare workers on punctuality.  I am pleased to report there were no lates.  We will be completing more of these over the next few weeks. 

Next week we will be celebrating our week of reading.  On Monday, a quiz will come home for you and your children to complete and the winning team will receive a mystery prize!  We will also be asking for reading selfies and finally our dress up as a book character, next Friday. 

You will also be receiving information next week about Maths Whizz, an interactive online tool that can be used at home to develop your child’s mathematical knowledge and  skills.  It is recommended that children spend 45 minutes a week on the programme to further develop the mathematical skills that they are developing in school.  It is a programme that they should be able to do independently and will teach them the key concepts, if they are struggling.

Also the week beginning the 20th March, we will be celebrating Comic Relief with lots of events including a sponsored event, teacher in the stocks and “how much red can I wear!”  More details to come out about this, next week.  Naturally all money raised goes to Comic Relief.



Children enjoyed football during Reward afternoon


17th February 2017

We have made it to the end of another busy half term. I am always amazed at how quickly the year speeds by and the progress made by all the children in their learning and the social development is astounding.  Unfortunately, at this time of year we have had sickness bugs, chest infections and chicken pox!  Let's hope the next half term leads to better health as the weather (hopefully) improves.

I know we all consider the safety of the children very important, especially road safety.  I have been at the high school and the other primary schools in the trust over the past couple of weeks and have walked between the sites.   I am alarmed at how quickly some of the cars are being driven around the village, particularly on the Wolstanton road near the roundabout.  I have asked the council to ensure that we get a crossing patrol person in place as soon as possible to help to keep the children safe.

I hope you all have a wonderful break from school.  I am looking forward to a snowy holiday in Austria – hopefully I won’t break a leg!




10th February 2017

It has been a very busy week with lesson observations taking place across the school. It has been lovely to see the children focused and living up to the school motto of being the best that they can be.

Before Christmas, I spoke about our need for a parent to join the Chesterton Academy Trust board as the parent governor for Churchfields. I am pleased to announce that Mrs Barlow has been successful. She is mum to Pippa and Lois and she will be a welcome addition to the governing body.  I look forward to working closely with her.

We have one more week before half term and I am looking forward to my snowy holiday in Austria although yesterday it was so cold here that at one point, I thought it might snow.  Could I please ask all parents to ensure that the children come to school in a good warm coat and hats and gloves where possible to keep them warm outside.  Can I also remind parents to put their children’s name in all items of clothing so it can be returned to your child if they lose it



A happy scene from our Y2 booster group

run by Miss Lapsley


3rd February 2017

The term seems to be gathering pace and we are only two weeks away from half term.  The school has been incredibly busy and the children, as always, are working hard. Our school motto “being the best you can be” is something I am proud to say I see children and staff living up to everyday.  The one area of school life I am trying to improve is our school lunches.  This week, a new menu was launched and members of the senior leadership team are monitoring choices and quality.  I have met with Chartwells – the company that provides the food – and I am hoping that we may be able to secure some funding to improve our kitchen area so we can cook food on site.  Fingers crossed that we are able to do this.  Can I remind parents that if your child is entitled for free school meals please can you ensure you apply, even if you choose not to take them.  The number of children on free school meals brings vital extra funding into school and will help us to argue that we need a kitchen on site. 

I am always grateful that parents come and speak to me when they have concerns as this means I am able to, hopefully, sort the issue out.  If I am not available please feel free to talk to any of my leadership team; Mrs Pattison, my deputy headteacher,  Mrs Mawdsley, Miss Smith and Mr Skupham, as I know they will be happy to help. If you wish to contact me electronically please send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



27th January 2017

This week, we have been looking at Chinese New Year and this year is the Year of the Rooster.   We looked at the qualities that people born in this year should have.  They were qualities such as determination, trustworthiness, hard work and compassion.  I thought that these all sounded impressive qualities and exactly the sort of values I see in the children at Churchfields. 

This week, I attended a health raising awareness session on blue light.  This is the light emitted from devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  If used too close to bedtime, this light can interrupt your bodies understanding and response to daytime and night-time.  This may mean that children with lots of exposure to blue light can find it difficult to get to sleep, or may have poorer quality sleep than those children who aren’t exposed to high levels of blue light.  We all know the difference that a good night’s sleep can make to concentration and achievement in school.  Therefore, can I encourage you to ensure that your children switch off all mobile phones, tablets, etc at least 45 minutes before bedtime.

I have noticed that some shops have started to sell red nose day items.  We have ordered some red noses for us to sell in school and we will take part in a fundraising event.  We will provide details on this next week. 




20th January 2017

I hope you are all well.  Thank you so very much for all your support last Friday with the snow.  It is a difficult decision about whether to keep school open or to close for the day.  I make the decision based on the area around school and whether enough staff can get into school to meet the health and safety requirements.  I will always endeavour to make the decision as early as possible and, as soon as a decision is made, a text will be sent to let you know.  [Please make sure we have your correct contact details.]  On rare occasions, I may have to make the difficult decision to close the school.  However, can I emphasise that if we remain open, but you feel that conditions by your house or your confidence in the snow is poor, please do not put yourself at risk to get here.  I would never want anyone to travel to school if they felt unsafe.

This week, I have been out of school on a two day CSE course (child sexual exploitation).  This is a challenging topic but shows how vulnerable children are on computers.  Please can I ask all parents and carers to be highly vigilant and ensure that they monitor their children’s usage on the internet or online games. In school, we do a lot of work around keeping yourself safe on the computer, not talking online to people you don't know and not giving your personal details to anyone.  After half term, I hope to arrange a parent workshop about internet safety and I hope as many of you as possible, can attend - it really is an eye opener.




13th January 2017

Boosters have started this week and I have been extremely impressed with the attitude of the Year 1, 2 and 6 children to the boosters after school.  We have also completed our assessment tests this week and all classes have shown a good level of progress, which is fantastic to see. 

Unfortunately, we have come back to school with many children having had sickness and diarrhoea, which has led to a decrease in attendance.  As a school, we have to follow the public health advice stating that your child should be off school 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.  I know this makes it difficult for parents who have to find alternative arrangements, however we do need to uphold this policy.  Can I thank all the parents who support us in this.

Can I also take this opportunity to ask if there are any parents who are interested on being placed on the list for lunchtime supervisor roles?  If you are interested, can you please give your name to Mrs Tucker in the office.




13th January 2017

Thank you for all your support this morning.  It is always difficult to make the decision about whether to stay open but I have a very hardy staff and all staff managed to get here.  Looking at the attendance in school, we have very hardy parents and children too.

On all occasions of snow: - if school remains open, but the weather conditions by your house / street are hazardous or your confidence in the conditions are low, please make the call to stay at home.




6th January 2017

Welcome back

It has been a busy week, even though it has been a short week.  It was lovely to see the children return to school in their full uniform looking smart and ready to learn.  Can I please ask that you ensure your child has a coat in school for playtimes and lunchtimes as it is very cold.

The letters for boosters in Year 1, 2 and 6 went out this week.  Most schools now offer boosters to try and increase a child's performance at the level they are working at.  It is not an indication of under-achievement; the aim is simply to move your child to the next step in their learning or to consolidate their understanding in the area they are working in.  The groups will be small and hopefully enjoyable for your child.



16th December 2016

It's has been a lovely week in school with the nativity plays, festive fun activities and, as I am writing this, I am very much looking forward to the grand final of Churchfields’s Got Talent/Lip Sync Battle UK competition.  I have had a sneak preview of some of the acts and know it will be a very entertaining end to the term.  This morning, we had our termly achievement assembly and I thoroughly enjoyed nominating my Headteacher awards winners.

Can I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. I have my fingers crossed that Santa will be bringing me a new handbag but my husband might not agree!   Remember school reopens on January 4th 



9th December 2016

It has been a very busy week in school with the final rehearsals for the forthcoming Christmas nativities, the Gruffalo party, KS1 party night, KS2 disco and Breakfast with Santa.  The children were all impeccably well behaved and Santa was very impressed with how good the children of Churchfields Primary School are.  I told him that I already knew how fabulous they all are.  Can I also thank all of my very dedicated and hard working staff for working tirelessly to help to make these events such a great success.

It was also wonderful to see so many of you at our PTA Christmas Fair last Friday and thank you to all the parents and carers who have joined us with Festive Fun in EYFS and KS1.  

Let’s look forward to the weekend to refresh ourselves, ready for the final exciting week in school before the Christmas break.



2nd December 2016

As we are now in December, our Christmas celebrations begin in earnest.  The children in KS1 and EYFS have been singing their nativity songs and practicing their dances.  I know many of you have requested extra tickets for the nativity and we will try to accommodate your wishes.  You will be contacted NEXT Thursday if we are able to (fingers crossed).

The children looked fantastic today in their festive clothes.  I am sure that I will see many of you this evening at the Christmas fair which takes place from 4-6pm. Can I also remind you about the Respect Chesterton Christmas weekend which starts tonight with the lantern parade and an indoor carol service at the community centre and a Christmas Fair on Saturday between 11-2pm at the community centre.  I know the children enjoyed making the lanterns last weekend, which will form part of the parade.  

Can I also thank you for being extra vigilant when driving and parking around the school.  As you can see, we have purchased new cones and are still looking at banners and stands to continue to help in this area.  I am aware many more of you are parking on the cave training car park or walking to school.

Next week, we have many events taking place from the Gruffalo evening, the KS2 disco, the pantomime, KS1 games evening and nativity rehearsals.  I hope the children and staff have a restful weekend to get them ready for the busy week ahead.




25th November 2016

Can I start by saying a very big thank you to the parents, carers and siblings who came along to watch the children perform on the stage at CCSC on Wednesday evening.  I was so proud of all of them for being brave and performing in front of approximately 400 people.  They represented the school exceptionally well and were smart and immaculately well behaved. 

Can I remind you all that we have our Christmas Fair next week.  If you have any items for any of our stalls, please bring them in to school by Thursday next week.  This could be items for the white elephant, toys, teddies, books, toiletries, bottles and any other items.  We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Tomorrow it is the last of this term’s Saturday ‘arts’ days.  We will be hosting Art and Craft on Saturday and the children will be making lanterns that will be used during the Chesterton Parade during the evening of Friday 2nd December.  I am hoping to go along and show my support at the parade, as I am very proud to have spent nearly 20 years serving the young people and families of this community.


(Here I am singing with the children at Singing on Saturday)


18th November 2016

The end of last week was definitely eventful.  I am pleased to report that Cody is back at home with his family and is one very lucky young boy.  Can I again, express my thanks to the parents who helped to support us during the difficult time.  As I am sure you have all noticed, we have been putting cones out on the two keep clear lines.  We will be purchasing a few more in order to cone the double yellow lines on the corners as this has also been causing issues, as people cannot see as they are pulling out.  On Monday I did an assembly about road safety with the children and can I encourage as many of you as possible, when walking with your children, to reinforce the green cross code – stop, look and listen.  Can I also encourage parents to walk to school whenever possible in order to reduce the number of cars generally.  Please do remember that to reduce congestion, we have been told that we may park on the Cave training car park.

It has really lifted the spirits of the school this week, listening to EYFS and KS1 practising their songs for the nativity and there has also been some very “funky” dancing.  I know that you are all in for a real treat.  

Can I also thank ALL the parents and children who created boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The generosity of the staff, parents and children in this school always astounds me as we managed to collect 70 boxes.  It is lovely to think of the smiles we will have created.  

On Tuesday, we held a SATs information evening for Year 2 and Year 6 parents.  Please don’t worry if you were unable to attend as Mr Skupham has given the information to all the children in his class to take home and Mrs Mawdsley will be doing the same.  I think it is fair to say as parents, you are always surprised about the level of challenge in these assessments and the knowledge that your children need.  However, let me reassure you that the important thing for us as a school is that the children are living up to our school motto of being the best that they can be.  They will be well prepared and will reach their potential through the winning combination of children trying their best, excellent teaching and the support from home.  

Some lovely news to end with: we are sure that you would like to know that Mrs Powell has welcomed a baby boy into her family.  Mum and baby are doing well!  We send our love and best wishes.




11th November 2016  

Last Saturday I spent the morning creating a piece of art with the children who attended the Art day. Unlike the children, I didn't complete mine so I will try and finish it over the next few weeks.  It did show that to do a quality piece of art work takes time and the children’s art works were excellent.

It was great to see so many of you at parents evening and to hear your lovely comments about your wonderful children and our amazing staff. Thank you for your continued support.  It is only by working in partnership with you that school can continue to be the happy, vibrant, dynamic place that it is.

This week, the theme of our assemblies has been remembrance.  It was a pleasure to do the assembly yesterday as our children know so much about why we remember today and on Remembrance Sunday.  We observed the silence at 11 o’clock today and I am sure that the children have been highly respectful and thought about what it means.

We have lots of events over the next two months so please make sure you note down the important dates on the newsletter.




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