autumn term clubs

There are lots of clubs running this term including, Stoke City (Y1,2,3), sing and sign (Y1 & 2) Lego engineers (KS2), netball (Y4, 5, 6), book and craft (KS1), dance club, cheerleading, mindfullness calming colouring lunchtime creative and learning club.


Our glorious netball team who won 8-0


We hosted the cross country tournament at our school





Dance Club

(click the picture below to go to the downloads section to see our dances)



Sing and Sign



Lego Engineers



Mindfulness Calming Colouring



computer club - busy coding


summer term clubs

There are lots of clubs running this term including choir (Y2-6), Stoke City (Y1,2,3), Sing and Sign (Rec and Y1) Rounders (Y5&6), construction club, quiz club, science club, book club, maths club, origami club, team fit, tennis club, ICT club, Lego engineers, cricket club, benchball club and drama club.

I am sure you will agree that there is something for everyone!


A picture of our Dance club who are performing at the dance evening at the Mitchell Memorial Theatre


Hair raising static investigation at Science Club 


Team Fit Club


Origami Club


Dance Club


spring term clubs

KS2 Netball Club


This term, we have booster clubs running in year 1, year 2 and year 6


We also have Stoke City FC club for years 2, 3 & 4 on Mondays

Choir year 2-6 on Monday

Tag Rugby for Key Stage 2 on Tuesdays

Table Tennis for year 2, 3 & 4 on Wednesdays

Football for Key Stage 2 on Thursdays


autumn term clubs


KS2 Netball Club


KS2 Science Club

This week in Science club, we explored static electricity and its effects in the everyday world around us.  We had a few hair-raising events




This week in Science club, we looked at our finger prints. We found out whether we have loops, arches or whorls. We realised that our fingerprints are unique to us so we can identify people from them.  Once we had taken our own fingerprints we have then attempted to lift fingerprints off mirrors using talcum powder.  Sometimes we were successful and sometimes we weren't, but it was fun playing detective.



This week, we looked at bridge designs and which design would be best to take a weight.

We discussed the forces that acted upon a bridge.  We then went onto build towers.



summer term clubs



KS2 Art and Craft Club



KS2 Dance Club

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